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johny chow stone sour

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  • > EDEN: Where were you born and raised?

  • > EDEN: How old were you when you first started playing?

  • JC: I originally started out on drums. In 3rd grade they offered lessons for piano, violin and drums, so I chose drums. Then, when the class began, they handed me a pair sticks, a wooden block with a rubber pad on it, and a book full of these strange squiggly lines! I was like, “where is the drum set?!?” I wanted to pound on drums not a wooden block. So, needless to say, after learning how to read some fundamental rudiments and the lessons finished, I didn't pursue the drums anymore. Also, my neighbor had a drum kit and was coming along as a player so it seemed pointless to have 2 drummers when we were talking of playing around.


  • > EDEN: Who were your early playing influences?

  • > EDEN: Who are your influences now?

  • > EDEN: How did you score the Stone Sour gig?

  • JC: Pick up albums of bands you like and try to figure out the bass lines. Then buy some albums of bands you might not necessarily listen to and try to get in the head of that bassist as well. This will help you broaden your approach to how you would lay bass down in a song.


    Also, when you least want to play your bass…when you’re tired, or just want to veg out watching a movie…believe it or not, that is one of the best times to pick up you bass! Before you know it, hours will have passed and you feel good about yourself because you've pushed yourself when you least wanted to. I honestly feel that's when hurdles are jumped…

  • JC: I love that my amps and cabs are true work-horses. With the amount of touring I do, my equipment takes a severe beating but it’s never reflected in my sound. I get solid tone each-and-every night! Plus I can really pinpoint what sound I want to achieve at every show and dial it in with ease.


    Eden also made me a set of custom monitors I use on stage with 2x10” speakers that sound like they're 8x10 “cabs. Stone Sour performs live with in-ears so I really want to feel that punch and low-end from those monitors…and I DO!!!