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ROCCO PRESTIA P810XST Professional bass cabinet
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The P810XST is a carefully crafted combination of power, tone and portability. This signature cabinet has been developed to Rocco Prestia’s specification and requirements, resulting in a design that can handle an earth-moving 2000W of power in a convenient, compact package. The 8 x 10” Eden-designed speakers made by Eminence in the USA, paired with the aluminum tweeter horn, give clear, hi-fidelity sound. There are also two 5” circular ports on the back of the cabinet, which help to produce Rocco’s preferred sound using immense bass reflection, and in addition allow the cabinet to be physically smaller and easy to maneuver.


Eden’s professional bass cabinets are hand-built in the UK by a specialist team with decades of experience in cabinet production. The P810XST is built from the same furniture-grade birchply as our D-Series cabinets, and feature new high specification handles and castors for tour durability.

Power Handling: 2000W
Speaker Config: 8 x 10" XST speakers
Impedance: 4Ω or 8Ω
Freq. Response: TBC
Sensitivity: TBC
Crossover: TBC
Dimensions: H: 44 in
W: 22 in
D: 16 in
Weight: 160.9 lbs / 73 kg
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