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Explore a myriad of possibilities and excitement in your sound with Eden professional bass pedals.


All of our pedals are designed specifically for bass players - our pedals are tough, easy-to-use and tailored to bass frequencies.


For years bass players have been using the WTDI Preamp / Direct box to get the most out of their rig.

Our newest addition, the Astroflange, is a specialist bass flanger pedal.

If the range of combos you are looking for is not listed here please try our Historical Products section.

A defined flanger pedal that allows you to dial in (or out) the frequencies being affected.


Warm up your bass sound and get authentic tube tone from any amplifier.


EDEN tone that can fit in your pocket! Perfect in the studio, on stage or as a backup.


Flexible bass chorus in a pedal that can be used to personalize your bass tone.


A professional bass filter pedal. Perfect for adding more excitement to your sound.