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Getting authentic tube tone is now easy with the Eden Glowplug. The Glowplug adds warmth and depth to your sound, bringing out your strings natural harmonics using tone circuitry designed to enhance and compliment your bass sound.


In addition to adding tube tone the Glowplug has a built in crossover allowing you to adjust where the tube sound is applied. The Mix control allows further detailing - decide how much tube signal you apply to your overall sound.

controls + Features
  • Warmth control
  • Crossover control
  • Mix control
  • Volume control
  • 12AX7 tube inside
  • 1/4" jack in & out
  • On/off stomp switch
  • On/off LED indicator
Power Supply: 15v (included)
Dimensions: H: 2.1 in / 5.5 cm
W: 4.8 in / 12.2 cm
D: 3.5 in / 9 cm
Weight: 1 lb / 0.47 kg
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sound clips

Bass: P type , passive tone control neutral)

Strings: Round (nickel, 45 – 105, old)

Glowplug - Warmth 50%


The first dimension to explore is WARMTH. I decided to test one parameter at a time and leave the other two in their middle positions.

Glowplug - Mix 75%


In this round, the WARMTH and CROSSOVER knobs are fixed at their 50% settings. Then the MIX is tested a quarter of a turn at the time.

Glowplug - Favorite #1


Warmth @25%

Crossover @50%

Mix @60-65%

glowplug demo video