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The EX110 is an exceptionally compact and light weight bass speaker cabinet. It can handle an impressive 300 watts of power and still fit on your passenger seat!


Perfect for rehearsals, practicing at home or to combine with other cabinets, the EX110 will surprise you with its power handling and exceptional clarity.

features + spec
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Tuned and ported cabinet design
  • Eden-designed Whizzer cone for clarity
  • Kick-proof grille assembly
  • Built-in carrying handle
Power Handling: 300W
Speaker Config: 1 x 10"
Freq. Response: 48Hz - 13KHz
Impedance: 8Ω or 4Ω available
Dimensions: H: 14.25 in / 36.19 cm
W: 12.52 in / 31.8 cm
D: 14.75 in / 37.46 cm
Weight: 25 lbs / 11.3 kgs
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EX110: a closer look

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your nearest dealer technical support download manual

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