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tom DOYLE Don Broco

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  • > EDEN: When and why did you start playing bass?

  • > EDEN: You guys have released some fun videos for your singles from the new album... From blowing up a car to playing on the edge of a swimming pool. Which Don Broco music video has been your favorite to film, and why?

  • > EDEN: If you could play bass for any act, past or present, who would it be?

  • > EDEN: Can you tell us a bit about your bass guitar(s)?

  • > EDEN: What is it about your Eden rig that you particularly like?

  • > EDEN: 2016 has been almost constant touring for you guys. Do any particular shows stand out for you so far?

  • > EDEN: What’s coming up next for Don Broco, for the end of 2016 and beyond?

  • > EDEN: Finally, if you had one top tip to Eden bassists, what would it be?