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  • > EDEN: How would you describe your ideal bass sound?

  • > EDEN: The mid 1980s through to the mid 1990s saw a massive musical explosion with bands from Wales, was there anything you think that inspired this? (Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia)

  • > EDEN: You’ve had a packed summer of gigs and festivals – including far flung places like South Korea, Malaysia and Japan. Do any particular shows from this year stick in your mind?

  • > EDEN: Your most recent album, Keep The Village Alive, is inspired by your childhood in South Wales... Which artists inspired you in those early years?

  • > EDEN: Which is your favourite Stereophonics track to play?

  • > EDEN: What would be your one top tip for bass players?

  • > EDEN: What is it about your Eden rig that you particularly like?

    I've enjoyed how quick it's been to dial in the sound and get comfortable with it. It's got the right combination of depth and tone and a great feel behind me.

  • > EDEN: What’s next for The Stereophonics, in 2017 and beyond?

    Writing some final touches for the next Album. Get it finished, released and then get back out to play it in front of people. It's our 20th anniversary of our first album. So we will hopefully be celebrating it with a release of our 10th Album.