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branden taulbee montgomery gentry

In the heart of America there is nothing bigger than Country Music, and Montgomery Gentry have Country Music in their hearts.


Branden Taulbee provides the Bassline for Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry and makes sure everything about this American favorite sounds great night after night. Being part of this multi-nominated and 3 time award winning band hasn’t changed Branden from his roots. When not playing the Montgomery Gentry circuit Branden also takes time out to play with his good friends Halfway To Hazard.


Branden’s early career was heavily influenced by his father who was himself a bass player and through practice and performance Branden has become a key player in the country world. Eden features heavily in Branden’s sound with his 2x12” D-Series cabinet being cited as something essential to get the sound he needs, along with the flexibility of his Eden amplifier.


Eden caught up with Branden to find out more about the man behind the bass, to find out more check out our interview:


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  • > Eden: What is it about your Eden rig that you particularly like?

  • > Eden: Is there anything you do in particular to get your sound?