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Delivering great tone on a more portable scale than its larger 4x10" brother, the D210XLT is capable of a deceptively responsive and powerful performance.


Ideal for rehearsal and small venues, the D210XLT is also perfect when combined with either the D410XLT or the D115XLT depending on your requirements.

features + spec
  • Tuned and ported cabinet design
  • Aluminum horn and horn level control
  • Cast Frame Speakers
  • Neutrik and 1/4" inputs
Power Handling: 350W
Speaker Config: 2 x 10"
Impedance: 8Ω or 4Ω available
Freq. Response: 48Hz - 14KHz
Sensitivity: 103dB SPL @1W1M
Crossover: 18dB/Octave @ 3.5KHz
Dimensions: H: 19.5 in / 49.5 cm
W: 23 in / 58.4 cm
D: 18.5 in / 46.9 cm
Weight: 68 lbs / 30.8 kgs
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d210xlt: a closer look

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